Our Mission

Liters of Learning is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that strives to empower children in rural  Guatemalan communities and their environments through the construction of high-quality, eco-friendly primary schools. In lieu of concrete blocks, students and their families fill thousands of plastic bottles with non-biodegradable trash and use them as “eco-bricks.” Our projects benefit children by offering them a safe and beautiful place conducive to learning while also teaching essential skills in not only construction, but sustainability. These schools also help in reducing our carbon footprint by decreasing waste that would otherwise be left to contaminate our rivers and soil. Through these community-based projects, Liters of Learning aims to diminish the negative taboo that is unfortunately synonymous with education in many rural areas.

Our Vision

Our vision for world communities is one where every child has access to a safe, properly staffed and equipped, school. The 100% volunteer team at Liters of Learning works on the belief that the only route away from poverty and violence is through education. This includes students gaining concepts and skills of reducing waste and reusing materials; ensuring generations of quality-schooling and sustainable development.


Founded in 2012, William Wynn’s Liters of Learning works in rural villages around Esquipulas, Guatemala to empower communities through education and environmental projects. We are a 100% volunteer organization, meaning that 100% of donations go directly toward our projects. We are also a registered 501(c)3 organization in the United States.

The co-founders, Treva and Riley Wynn, have been living in Guatemala since May 2011. While teaching English at a private school in Esquipulas, they could not ignore the obvious and upsetting gap in the quality of education between students who come from privileged families, and those who do not. They started to branch out, visiting small villages (or aldeas), listening to the concerns of students and parents. The seed for Liters of Learning was planted. After winning a contest by Strivectin, they finally had the start-up money to live their dream of closing the education gap and helping children break the cycle of poverty. And just like that, William Wynn’s Liters of Learning was born.

Who is William Wynn? In November 2005, after a battle with cancer, Treva’s father, William Wynn, passed away during her first semester of college. His amazing spirit, big heart and caring personality rubbed off on his only daughter. Treva decided from an early age that she would spend her life dedicated to helping others. Without a doubt, she knew her father’s memory would live on through her work.